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Speech Writer of Over 3,500 Speeches

Experience counts in speechwriting: I have over 40 years as a professional speech writer which includes:

Speeches Chosen for "Vital Speeches of the Day": "Vital Speeches of the Day" is a monthly publication that publishes what are considered as the best speeches of the day.  Over the past 20 years, I have had twenty-nine speeches published in this "best of the best" publication.

Every Speech Is Original and Unique:  Every speech I write for my clients is an original speech written precisely for that person for that occasion. (A step-by-step outline of the process is provided below.) 

Full Credentials on Home Page: If you would like to review a complete background of my experience, you can go to my home page at www.speechwriter.net or you can go to my speechwriter page with this link Speech Writer

Written virtually every kind of speech:  As a senior staff writer on the Army staff and on the Joint Staff of the Joint Chief's of staff and as staff speech writer for four of the nation's largest corporations, there are very few speech writer tasks I have not done at least a dozen times. Those tasks include:

Speakers for whom I have written include:

If you would like a sample of my work, follow this link to my sample page  Speech Samples.


As a professional speech writer, I have written virtually every kind of speech to include:


Funeral Speeches (Eulogies) and (Eulogy speech)

Informative Speeches

Presidential addresses

Persuasive Speeches

Memorial day presentations

After Dinner Speeches (After-Dinner Speeches)

Congressional testimony

Retirement speeches

AV presentations

Employee speeches

Audio-visual presentations

Motivational speeches

Graduation speeches (Go to: www.speechwriter.net/graduation_speech_writer

Wedding speeches

  • College graduation speeches (college commencement speeches) (graduation  speeches)

  • Valedictorian speech (Entertaining Valedictorian speeches)

  • Salutatorian speeches

  • Baccalaureate speeches

  • High school commencement speeches

  • High school graduation speeches

  • Reunion speeches

  • Commencement speeches

  •  Graduate school speeches

  • Father of the Bride Speeches

  • Groom speech (Groom's Speech) (Bride Speech)

  • Best man speeches  (Best man speeches) (Funny best man speeches) (Best man wedding speech)

  • Mother of the bride speeches (Mother-of-the-bride-speeches)

  • Maid of honor speeches

  • Wedding MC speeches (Wedding emcee speeches)

  • Wedding day speeches (Wedding speech writer)

  • Wedding anniversary speeches (Golden anniversary speeches) (Silver anniversary speeches)

  • Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

Keynote addresses

Memorial day speeches

Master of ceremony speeches (Master of ceremonies speeches)

Annual meeting speeches (Annual reports speeches) (Corporate annual meeting speeches)

Bar Mitzvah speech

Tribute speeches (Toasts)

Bat Mitzvah speech

Military eulogies (Eulogy to a military friend)

Anniversary speeches

Thank you speeches

After Dinner speeches (After-dinner speeches)

Commemorative Speech

Beauty Pageant Speeches

Entertainment speeches

Tribute Speech

Retirement Speech writing

Farewell speeches

Entertaining or funny speech writing

Roasts and toasts

Christmas Party Speech

Business speeches (plant opening speeches)

Speech competition speeches


How We Work Together --- Step-by-Step, Client-Focused Approach:

European Language Speeches: For those of you who will be speaking in Europe, I have a professional relationship with Frank Rosenbauer, a brilliant German speech writer who has contacts in other European countries. You may contact Frank, who speaks excellent English on his Web site at www.redegold.de or E-Mail Frank at  frank.rosenbauer@redegold.de

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